Ventures Webinar - 21 January 2021

00:00 AM GMT; 9:00 AM JST

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Every two weeks we invite some of the world’s leading companies to present at our deep-dive, live webinars.

With an audience comprised of prominent venture capital investors, energy utilities, investment firms, and oil & gas companies, Energy Engage Live gives early-stage companies the opportunity to showcase demos, present case studies, share collaboration proposals, make early-investor announcements, and outline plans for working with international partners.

This time there will be three ventures presenting:

  • Leap provides a marketplace enabling cloud-connected flexible loads to participate in wholesale energy markets and earn revenue by helping to balance the grid. Leap has offices in California and the Netherlands, with growing presence in the US and Europe.
  • Gecko Robotics develops and operates wall-climbing robots to automate inspections for infrastructure and industrial assets – power, oil & gas, pulp & paper. Gecko’s solutions enable clients to extend equipment life, minimise downtime, increase efficiency and safety.
  • Clobotics offers wind turbine inspection and consultancy services to utilities, energy companies, wind farm owners and manufacturers across Europe and Asia. In April 2020, the company acquired the Danish AtSite A/S – a global leader in blade inspections – and renamed it Clobotics Wind.

Webinar agenda

 Leap (US) – Demand response services
Company overview – 10 minutes
Presentation by Leap – 20 minutes
Q&A – 10 minutes
Gecko Robotics (US) – Industrial asset inspections
Company overview – 10 minutes
Presentation by Gecko Robotics – 20 minutes
Q&A – 10 minutes
Clobotics (China/Europe) – Wind turbine inspections
Company overview – 10 minutes
Presentation by Clobotics – 20 minutes
Q&A – 10 minutes
If you would like more information about our webinar series please don’t hesitate to get in touch.